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The miraculous appearance of the Light of the Resurrection at the tomb of Jesus

Eighty-Five Historical Accounts (4th – 16th c.)


The coming of the Holy Fire at the Tomb of Jesus every Holy Saturday is the only miraculous event in human history which has taken place each year on the same day for more than one and a half millennia. Covering a period of thirteen centuries, from the 4th to the 16th century, this book assembles historical accounts of the celebrated event.

Eighty-five authors—seventeen French, nine Englishmen, eight  Greeks, seven Italians, seven Arabs, six Germans, five Armenians, five Ethiopians, four Russians, four Persians, three Icelanders, two Egyptians, two Chaldeans, one Cypriot, one Syrian, one Moldovan, one Belgian, one Austrian and one Swiss—describe the greatest miracle of the Christian world: the Holy Fire (i.e., the Light of the Resurrection of Christ) which appears every Holy Saturday at the Tomb of Jesus, a few hours before the celebration of his resurrection.

Furthermore, the scientific measurements that were taken in the tomb of Jesus on Holy Saturday in 2008 by the Russian physicist    Prof. Andrey Volkov, confirm the descent of the Holy Fire and reveal three phenomena, which he himself characterizes as “incredible and entirely inexplicable.” Similarly, the thermal measurements of the sacred flame, made by the Italian Professor Giulio Fanti on Holy Saturday 2019, document the supernatural origin of the Holy Fire and verify a fact that has been recorded historically for eleven centuries: that the sacred flame, in the first minutes after its ignition, burns almost imperceptibly—much less than a normal flame—without burning those who touch it. 

This book also includes a historical and archaeological study concerning the original appearance of Jesus’ tomb and the rock of Golgotha, along with a series of reconstructive drawings of the two locations, as they appeared to be in AD 33.


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Book Reverend Theodore Zissis
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